Hire the expert on mobile apps & web

El malabarista (= The Juggler) have +17 years helping companies to build the best apps.

Why hire El malabarista

I'm multi-facet, full-stack developer. I do front and back-end. I do web sites, web apis, desktop, monolith apps, n-tier, mobile, utilities, database, analitycs, charting, APIs, integrations, etc.

Lead developer, made apps for the goverment & bussines, have teach advance classes in software development and more.

Mobile applications for iOS

We build applications for the Apple iOS platform (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), according to the Apple standards and that can be distributed in the AppStore.

Can integrate with your actual software and provide and superior end-user experience

Applications for the Web + Cloud

If need more than a 'WebSite' and need integrations with external APIs (o need to build your own) and have a scalable service on-demand (cloud) that could sustain thousands of users in a efficient and safe way.

Or need to migrate a old software to the web?, then we have the necesary skills for the job.

Desktop applications

Need a native application for Windows/OSX?

From administrative tools to financing, accounting or system utility, but with modern standards and ready for the internet so can exchange data & process with the wold, we build desktop applications for the todays challenges.

Xcode & Objective-C


Delphi language




Python language


.NET Runtime


MONO Runtime


Django framework


RemObjects framework


Sql Server database

Sql Server

PostgreSQL Database


Heroku Cloud plataform

Heroku Cloud

Microsoft Cloud plataform

Azure Cloud