Teleport Backup

Protect the most valuable thing in your company

Teleport is the most easy way to make automatic & safe Sql Server backups.

Why use Teleport

Millions of companies and small business use software for store their most important information (customers, sales, invoices, etc) in databases, but not have a reliable & continuous backup plan. Or think is enough to do manual backups in hard disk, USB sticks or similar.

But that's NOT enough. What if the disc / USB where the backups are stored fail, a virus attack, a robbery occurs or similar cases?. Without a remote backup (in another country, preferably), your information is not really safe.

Large companies have specialists (DBAs) who make sure to run a backup plan professionally, and they have the infrastructure to copy in several countries. But what about your company? Do not have the personnel or infrastructure required?

Teleport is the solution. It provides skilled personnel that do professional backup plans that not only copied the databases within your company server but also in Internet servers (the cloud) distributed in several countries without major costs or complications.

Teleport is a managed service, meaning that specialized personal configure & monitor the backups, without extra cost!.



Teleport is responsible for making backups continuously & automatically. No user intervention required.

In your server

In your server

The backups are stored on your own server, for quick access.

And in the cloud!

And in the cloud!

The backups can be stored in the cloud (Internet) redundantly on multiple servers, protecting against local disasters.


Security PRO Only

All is transmited with SSL, and in the PRO plan, the backups can be encrypted before the upload to the cloud.



Receive alerts and notifications when backups are completed or a problem is detected.



Enjoy the peace by not doing more backups. Even if a major problem occurs, is possible to recover your data from the cloud.

Basic plan

One server up to 3 databases
Local backups + 10 GB cloud storage included, for free.
No encrypted
Buy Now FROM: U.S. 40 / Month

Plan PRO Recommended

One server * unlimited databases
Local backups + 100 GB cloud storage included, free
Encrypted backups
Buy Now From: U.S. 60 / Month

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Paypal. We accept bank transfers if you pay the year upfront. Request this option in the contact us page. Prices in U.S. dollars..

You can cancel or change plans at any time, without explanation, and increase in blocks of 10GB of cloud storage by US 10 each.

The backup server must be installed in each computer with Sql Server. Is required a suscription to activate.

Download Teleport Backups (Windows)